Pre-Paid Target Cards for your convenience

Here is how the Pre-Paid card works.


Purchase your own card and add targets (minimum 500 target purchase for the bulk rates to begin). ($10 for the card itself) No other membership fee. 

Buy targets in bulk at a reduced price as will be posted. 

Your card will be loaded with bought targets as well as addition targets for breakage. 

You take your card with you and must keep track of it. It is yours.

Come anytime to the farm to shoot--no appointment required--although we do recommend calling or checking the website to make sure we don't have a private event.

  • Sign in on the posted sheet at the Big Barn check in counter and grab a score sheet.
  • Proceed to the course and use your card in the card readers. You may use them for a guest as they are your targets!
  • Please check out by putting a check mark next to your name on the sheet when you leave.
  • You may purchase additional targets at any time to reload the same card.  


Pricing for 2019

$160 for 500-999 Targets 

$310 for 1000+ Targets


Target Card Purchase  $10 (Yours to keep, do not lose.)


You may load whatever amount you desire.


For those without their calculators, that is $0.32 per target @500 and it is $0.31 per target @1000+.