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Welcome to Cherrybend Pheasant Farm! Our farm has been in operation as a pheasant hunting preserve since September 1, 1955. We have 640 acres in the preserve that provides plenty of space for even our busiest day. We offer pheasant hunting as well as chukar and quail.


Cherrybend is family owned and operated by Matt & Beth Ellis and Scott & Melissa Ellis--a long time Clinton County farm family. The Ellis family has a long history farming on Cherrybend Road, since the mid-1800's, and is dedicated to keeping the farm an Ohio pheasant hunting destination. Our farm is fully operational and includes corn, soybeans, wheat, and the cover crops of sorghum and sunflowers.


We really enjoy having folks come out and hunt our farm.  Seeing the returning faces again and again really fuels the feeling of community and history on the Farm.  So, come out to our slice of America and experience our farm and enjoy country life!


Why visit Cherrybend?


Private Fields.

Half Day hunts (3-4hrs.) make it your field --no "pushing".

640 acres to hunt.

Friendly staff and family.

Full service-bird cleaning, packaging,smoked pheasant, Browning gear.

Outstanding professional guides and amazing dogs.

Always a hot woodstove and coffee to get warm.

No bag limit.

Event space for meetings or outings.

And...that feeling that you just arrived where time stands still.


Come find yourself at Cherrybend...



And they drove all the way from Illinois to hunt here!

The video below highlights the work we have done since 2014 in Veteran outreach. We invite veteran applicants to the Farm for a weeklong retreat with hunting, fishing, skydiving, and amazing music with Nashville songwriters.

Click the Operation Cherrybend tab or visit for more info!





Please click this link for info on the current Ohio situation:

Ohio COVID-19 INFO  




Pre-Paid Target Card users may use their card at the Wobble Station or the 5-Stand through the Hunt Season. 



April 5, 2021--  Hunting has ended for the Season! We are so grateful to all who came and enjoyed their time in the outdoors during the pandemic. We were successful in keeping our employees and customers safe by modifying our procedures. Thank you for being part of our biggest year ever!


The 5-Stand is now closed and we are assembling the full 12 Station Clays Course. We have some work to do to ready the course and anticipate it opening on April 17th. 


We are also selling Pre-Paid Discount Shooting cards as we did last year. You may also add to your personal Cherrybend card. 

Pricing for a New Card loaded with 500 targets (minimum) is $192.37. The cards are yours to keep and protect.

For current card holders an additional 500 targets may be added (minimum) for $170+ $12.33tax= $182.33

The Cards give you the ability to come at your leisure. 


We will see you soon!


February 09,2021-- We got a big snow today--near 9"!   We have had an unusually high volume of hunts since November. This time of year we start counting what we have left in our barns to book. 

At this time we are only booking Member Credit hunts. Members must use their credit (have it booked) by February 15th or forfeit it. Usually, we have some extras to get us through to the end of the Season. This year, most preserves are almost out or completely out of birds due to the increase in outdoor activities due to COVID! We are glad that we still have several thousand birds on hand, however at this time are reserving them for Members and those hunts already booked. 


If you would like to be placed on a waiting list if there are cancellations and we have more birds on hand, then please EMAIL us with the Subject line saying "Waiting List #date" and the date. I will be able to search by this. 

If you call and the mailbox is full, that is the indicator of how many phonecalls we are getting! Emailing is a better option at this time!


Members--get your final credit hunts booked by 02/15. While we usually don't have to enact the deadline, this year we will have to.  (The last time we had to was 2011.) Getting on the books is very important! We appreciate your help with this! If you have used your credit, you may schedule residual hunts for yourself. We will not be scheduling extra birds until we know what we have on hand. 


January 6th, 2021-- Happy New Year!  We have started with a bang! We continue to have great hunt conditions and the cover has held up well. 

Please look at the Calendar of Events page and notice the European Hunts that are scheduled. There is only one Open Towershoot for individual sign-ups to join in and that is on 01/30/21. All through Feb. the Towershoots are booked with private groups on Saturday afternoons. Regular hunts may be booked in the morning of those days. 


We are accepting reservations to the end of the season on March 31st. 


December 28, 2020--Wow! We have had some amazing hunt conditions and awesome customers this holiday season! We have been running full tilt.


Thank you for everyone who helps us implement our COVID parking lot check-in! It has been working great. Just remember to mask up if needing to come into the house for anything. 


We are planning to hunt up through to March 31st. Hunting reservations have increased this year. Please schedule ahead to secure a reservation. We generally keep a couple of fields on stand-by for short notice bookings--so its always worth a chance to call if needing a next-day field. 


Thank you to all of our staff for working so hard through the holidays. It has been an incredibly busy time. Super proud of the staff and Guides for hanging tough. Not to mention our four legged friends who have got it done in the fields!




December 03/2020-- The hunt conditions have been outstanding!! We released a tremendous amount of birds over the Thanksgiving holiday. The fields are well seeded with residuals. 

We scheduled a European Hunt for Saturday 12/19/20. This special event is the best bang for the buck on the farm! Click the registration link on the left sidebar or Calendar of Events tab for more info. Limited spots are available, register today!


Book your holiday hunt in advance and place a deposit to secure your hunt. We are fully operational with our COVID policy parking lot check-in. Thank you for helping us keep our employees safe and healthy by following our protocol. We will get you out to the field and hunting after you register in the parking lot. Should you need to come inside, just wear a mask!


Come out and enjoy the great outdoors and fresh air adventures. The best way to social distance and put food on the table!




November 17, 2020--  Woot woot! Hunt conditions have been great! We are booking Thanksgiving week hunts.  Call today to get your reservation in as the Farm will fill and we don't overbook it. We have Guides available during the weekdays and weekends to go out with you and your friends/family. 

We are implementing our COVID check-in:

  • Remain at your vehicle and we will bring the waivers out for check-in and pair you with your guide. 
  • Verify group and hunt size.
  • Safety talks with your guide will be outside at your vehicle(s)
  • Please wear a mask/gator if you enter the building. 
  • You may request outside check-out if you choose--please let the staff or guide know. 

Join us in socially distancing during the holidays! We can clearly remain 6 feet apart in the great outdoors!


October 12, 2020-- The Farm has been harvested! We are booking hunts, however be advised that conditions are still challenging and difficult hunting for birds. We have NOT had a frost yet! All cover, sorghum and fencerows are green still but slowly dying back. Once we have about 3 frosts and temps in the 40's, conditions will be ideal.  Lots of members are coming out to train their dogs during this time. The cornstalks are working great for this early season time. 


Book your Holiday hunts NOW. We have already seen an increase in demand this year. Don't miss out. Short booking may be difficult this year. A $100 deposit is required at the time of booking. You can do that by phone or on the Make a Reservation tab.


Remember--we will NOT overbook the Farm. Limited slots available. Members may always choose to do a residual walk-up afternoon hunt as the field empty (if their credit is gone) during our busy time. 


**Sporting Clays Update**   The 12 Station Clay course will be closed for the hunting season as of Friday Oct.16th at 8pm.  All of the traps will be brought in and fully maintenanced then assembled for the 5-Stand.

We anticipate the 5 Stand to be open by 10/24/20. Check-in will shift over to the House at that time. 


September 23, 2020--  **Schedule Change This Weekend for Sporting Clays**

CLOSED Clays Course

Sunday 09/27/20  12:30pm-6pm


We are having an outdoor, social distancing lawn concert on Sunday. The Course will be CLOSED from 12:30pm to 6pm UNLESS  you buy a ticket to the concert. There will be shooting during the "closed" hours for those attending the concert who are interested  $25 for 50 shots. 


(Again, folks with a Pre-Paid shooters card will need to have a concert tix during the listed closed hours. )



All Clays will be closed temporarily this week due as listed below due to our Operation Cherrybend Veteran event. (Clays and Wobble closed)

Card Holder Sign-In during the week will be at the House on the table in the Garage

CLOSED- Friday 9/18 starting at 1pm

CLOSED- Saturday 9/19 ALL DAY

ReOpen Sunday 7am Sign-In Station will be at the House garage


September 4, 2020--It looks like we will be open for hunting in late September/early October. The cover and crops are still green from a late spring and the temperatures are still high. We need 3 HARD FROSTS to develop improved hunt conditions. You can schedule hunts, but we will advise you that you will have a difficult hunt or the dogs may not be able to withstand the heat. Please take our advice. We will not refund your money if the hunt is difficult. It's acutally harder for us to do early season hunts like this! We will legit tell you when the fields are in good condition and ready to hunt!! We want you out there having a great time!


August 31, 2020--Today is the deadline to get your check in the mail for the Early Bird Bonus for membership.


Hunting--While we technically are "Open" September 1st, the reality is it was a late spring plant and it is too hot, the crops are still in the fields, and the cover and underbrush are still green. I will post when we get some frost here that will burn back that hot, green cover. While you can hunt edges, train on the laneways etc, you will only get one shot at your target before it will disappear into the cover/crops. 


We are strongly advising to wait and book your hunts for October unless the weather takes a drastic turn and gets cool. But, it is a blizzard is possible in September. 


Guided hunts will be determined based on the guides confidence in the weather conditions and the safety of his dogs. Heat exhaustion can kill a well conditioned hunting dog in thick, green cover in 20 minutes and an air temperature over 50 degrees.  

Again, Guided Hunts are comfortably being booked for mid-October and beyond. 


Call and book your Thanksgiving hunts asap. We will not overbook the farm. A 12 bird minimum release is required for the Holiday weeks. Members may residual hunt late afternoons if requested and credit is gone. 


July 09, 2020--  Summer is in full swing! The clays course and Pre-Paid shooter cards have been a big hit. We expect our next batch of chicks next week. We are raising the same amount as last year. 



Membership Banquet invitations and renewals will be going out in the next couple of weeks. Members, mark your calendars for the last Saturday in August for the Annual Appreciation BBQ --August 29th. We will take measures to keep people distanced and lots of fresh outside air.  Please bring your lawn chairs if you prefer to sit further back. If you can't attend the party, please send your dues back in by 8/31 to get the 12 bird (bonus) credit. Otherwise it drops to 8.


COVID Updates

Without question, this is THE year to be a Member. With COVID-19 likely to rear its ugly head, we have implemented a plan for "remote check-in" to insure we follow guidelines. Basically, a drive through check-in and payment from the parking lot(or by PayPal)  should the State require businesses to close the person-to-person contact. We have prepared for the worst, and are hoping for the best. We will do everything possible to keep our family, staff and customers safe yet keep the Farm accessible! Fresh air and the great outdoors is the best thing for a healthy body and calm mind. 


April 18, 2020--  The Sporting Clays Course is now open! We will have limited office hours on weekends so please check back frequently if you need to load targets to your card or pay for an individual round. 


April 19, 2020--Sunday-- Office Open 10am-3pm 


Check back for the following weekend Office Hours. 


COVID-19 regulations:

  • Please stay outside. We will come outside to check you in and take payment.
  • Please maintain a clear social distance of 6ft from other people.
  • Feel free to wear a mask. 
  • Please spray the controller with disinfectant before each use at the stations.
  • Absolutely do not come to the farm if you don't feel well. Our staff will be protected and taking precautions, but please help us keep everyone safe.

Thank you for helping us follow guidelines. We want you to be able to continue outdoor activites safely. 


March 20, 2020--  **COVID-19 UPDATE**  Please follow the orders of the Ohio Gov.DeWine and our President Trump in doing your part to stop the spread of this virus. So far, our business has not been shut down however, we have a duty to do all that is possible to take precautions to stop the spread of this disease. 

What we are doing different:

** There is no access to the Clubhouse--period. The office is closed and we will be working remotely outside in the parking lot.

** Stay in your vehicle for Check-In at the parking lot. 

** You will then be directed to your hunt zone on the Farm.

** Limit the distance with the family members you are with--even in the field.

**  When you are done hunting, return to the parking lot and STAY at your vehicle. I will be out to check you out. It's possible we may even do remote billing through PayPal. 

** Our staff will be at a minumum. Please help us stay operational by following the State guidelines. 

We understand how important it is for people to have access to the great outdoors for their mental health. Some of you don't have a place or farm to get out to. We are doing our best to stay operational, yet be responsible as a business owner.  

Please educate yourself on the COVID-19. This is real and dangerous. Not to be ignored. If you are healthy, remember that you could carry it to someone who is succeptable. 

Stay healthy, and God Bless.




January 16, 2020--The weather is doing its usual January, cold, warm,  No worries, we hunt on!


The European Hunt filled up completely with a private company buying the slots for this Saturday. There will be another European late February. Watch for the link to be posted.


Our season ends March 31st. Members, remember that your credit must be used by mid February! As well it should be...get out here and HUNT!  We are having a great time.


Watch for snowy weather---the Holy Grail of pheasant hunting. If you can get on a hunt in the snow it is just--the--BEST!




January 02, 2020--  Happy New Year! What a great season we have had so far! The weather was great for a speedy harvest and perfect hunt conditions. The holidays brought many visitors to the farm and we used all 640 acres to hunt.


It looks like there may be a "warm" January forecast. Which is better than a polar vortex any day! Schedule your hunts in advance to make sure you get a field and guide.


For members, residual hunting is great right now. We have released alot of gamebirds over the last several months and the cover is holding them well.


We plan to hunt until March 31st.  While we try to have enough birds to get to the end of the season, it is best to book your hunt so that we hold them for you group. It helps us estimate what we need for March.



***Merry Christmas and Happy New Year***



October 10,2019--  We are finally seeing a break in the heat. Wow...what a HOT start to the season. It looks like we should be getting some frost within the next couple of weeks. The combines have run the corn and soybeans off and the wheat has been planted. Now is a good time to get your dog out and tune up before hunting heavy or heading west.


We are accepting reservations for Thanksgiving week. We do require a deposit for non-members as this is the most popular week of the year. We will not overbook the farm, so hunts are at a premium! Get your reservation today!


We have posted our Eurpoean hunt schedule for the entire Season. Register to secure your spot this year!


We are ready to start rolling! We have a good population of quail and pheasant already in the fields from training seminars.


September 1, 2019-- The 2019-2020 Season has begun....!  Of course, this really means its time to tune up your dogs and your shot. Its way too hot to hunt and the cover and brush is still very green. Due to the late Spring, we expect there to be a late harvest/fall as well. Pretty much the same as last year. We are scheduling hunts for October when we expect conditions to improve. Members have their September training privileges with no bird release required.

Remember--we will be totally honest with you if we think your hunt will be unsuccessful due to the weather conditions or field conditions. We want you to be successful and to have a great hunt on our Farm!


June 24,2019--  Summer has finally arrived. It has been a difficult planting season for our farming operation. Cherrybend was the first fields planted and looks good. 

Our chicks are doing great! Our first batch is ready for the flight pens. Before we know it, fall will be here. 


Mark your calendar:

July 27--NSCA Shoot

Aug.24--Member Appreciation Party

Aug. 31st  Early Bird Bonus Deadline

September 11-15, 2019--Closed to the public for Operation Cherrybend Veteran Retreat

Sept. 21st- NSCA Shoot

Sept. 28-29 Rick Smith Foundation Seminar

Sept. 30-Oct.2 Rick Smith Intermediate Seminar

Oct. 05- Last NSCA Shoot for 2019


Email for info on being a Member of Cherrybend. The benefit of being a Member is discounted bird pricing and being allowed to hunt residuals (no release) after your credit is gone. You only pay for whats bagged ($15 residual pheasant). A great way to work your dog or meander along with guests. Your guests only pay $88 per person to hunt (4 pheasant). 



What We Do

We recognize that not everyone has the ability to step out their back door into 640 acres of populated pheasant hunting land.  This is what inspires us to open our lives and our farm up to people that enjoy the outdoors and upland game hunting. 


Our mission is making sure that everyone has a safe and succesful hunt.  But, remember...this IS hunting. Some days are good and you make "the great shot", and some days are bad and you can't hit the broad side of a barn. We get the birds in the fields for you, but we can't make the shot.  Again, that's why it's called "Hunting".  So, you shoulder up your shotgun, whistle for your dog, and go out and have a great may get more than you expected, or you may tell us about the one that got away. Either way, no day of hunting is ever "wasted time".  It's a great day!


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