Sporting Clays

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2019 Registered Shoot Schedule 



May 4th       May Clays

June 8th      Summer Open

July 27th     Dog Clays

Sept 21st     Falling Targets

Oct 5th        Harvest Shoot



Sporting Clays---Information Central

Spring Hours April -May 12

Weekend Office Hours & Open shooting starting April 20, 2019

Saturdays  10am-2pm

Sundays    10am-2pm


Summer Hours

Wednesdays   Farmer's League (Open to public) , Lewis class payout, begins at 5pm

Saturdays 9am-2pm

Sundays   10am -2pm

Closed during Registered shoots and Club shoots. 


No Clays Membership necessary to buy discount targets!

This year we are selling pre-paid target cards with discounted targets for those shooters who shoot alot and want the flexibility to shoot any time. To buy a pre-paid card, you must purchase your card to be activated and loaded with your targets. At that time you will also fill out a release and waiver and be oriented on use of the course. Only shooters who have purchased this card and completed orientation may enter the course without supervision.


Pre-Paid Card Activation & Registration $10



500 Targets  $160

1000 Targets  $310



At Cherrybend we offer a 12 station sporting clays course on a circular trail through the Hickory Grove.  The Grove is located in the center of the farm.  Each station offers fully automatic traps. No trapper is needed to shoot the course. This is also an easy walking course. You may bring your own cart.


  • 12 stations- automatic MEC and La Porte traps
  • Total of 50 or 100 shots
  • Each station simulates a bird hunting situation and includes a rabbit and wobble trap.


If NOT buying a Pre-Paid discount card, Pricing is as follows:


$45 per 100 targets

$25 per 50 targets

You must come on an Open Shoot time or make an appointment. (The office is not manned on off-hours.)


We want to encourage Youth participation!

$20 per 100 Youth

$15 per 50  Youth


Our sporting clays course is ideal for fundraisers, corporate outings, and reunions. Contact us to learn how to raise money for a cause!  We can also combine large groups with a picnic lunch and fun competitions!


**New Wobble Station**  a 5 stand elevated tiered deck. 

We are excited to now offer an exciting and challenging Wobble station! The Wobble stations is great for advanced shooters and beginners alike!  Fun and friendly competitions can be organized. You will need one box of shells per round of 25 shots.  You will rotate on a 5 station elevated deck to shoot targets thrown from the wobble trap underneath the deck. Its alot of fun!


Call for your convenience for appointment times.


Non-Member $10 for 25 shot round 

Member        $7.50 for 25 shot round 


Subject to the same availiability as the Clays course. Pre-Paid cards may be used on the Wobble.