Corporate Events

We are the host to several Corporate events throughout the year. Many businesses enjoy bringing employees or clients out to the farm for the great food, hunting, sporting clays, and memories that get made here. We can accomodate groups  of up to 60 people.


Upland Bird Hunting

Sporting Clays course or Wobble trap tournaments



In-house private restaraunt with outstanding home cooked food.

Projection screen for presentations

Smart oversized TV in meeting room to cast presentations

Overnight accomodations (limited)

Excellent service

Guides with well trained bird dogs available.

Meeting room to accommodate up to 60 people.


We are located centrally to Cincinnati(45 mins), Dayton(45 mins), and Columbus(1hr). It's a great place to meet up with other associates in from these cities.


We offer Tradional Upland Hunting or the European Hunt for groups greater than 10 people.



Corporate Memberships

We offer Corporate Memberships for those who either would like a large bird credit or that want to offer hunting for their customers.


This is also useful to friend groups that always hunt together and like large quantities of birds. This a group buy, and must be under one account and one payment to get the discount.



The corporate membership is designed to facilitate the entertainment of clients and staff of a business.  The membership is a combination of a membership fee for each person listed on the membership and prepaid pheasant.  Each member listed on the membership may bring guests/customers who can hunt off of the membership.  A listed member must be present with guests.

The corporate pricing is as follows:


Bronze Corporate

Membership Fee :  $150.00 per person listed on the membership


Pheasant Pricing:    100 pheasant ($2,050)


Each hunter is required to have a 4 bird minimum release per man. 


Silver Corporate

Membership Fee:  $150.00 per person listed on the membership


Pheasant Pricing:  200 pheasant ($4,000)


Each hunter is required to have a 4 bird minimum release per man. 



Gold Corporate

Membership Fee: $150.00 per person listed on membership


Pheasant Pricing:  300 pheasant ($5,850)


Each hunter is required to have a 4 bird minimum release per man. 



  • By buying prepaid birds you have the luxury of bringing your clients/staff and simply signing the book without having to do a transaction.  It streamlines the process and eliminates the hassle.


  • Each authorized member is permitted to bring as many guests as they like. Each hunter has a 4 bird minimum release.


  • Additional funds may be added in to account for bird cleaning fees or it can be subtracted from the existing account funds.



After the bird credit has been used, more can be added to it to continue the account.  At the end of the season, bird credit must be used or exchanged for birds. It will not roll over into the next  season. When the balance of the account is reduced to $200 a reminder will be sent that the account is low.  When more than one person is an authorized member on the account, it is the responsibility of those members to be aware of the account balance.  Cherrybend is not responsible for disagreements between shared account members.