Non-Member Pheasant Hunts

At Cherrybend we strive to provide hunting conditions as close to a wild hunt as we can. Indeed, we release pheasant to keep the fields propogated. For each hunter, a minimum of 4 pheasant are released prior to the hunt.


Non-Member Hunt $123

  • 4 pheasant released per hunter
  • Residual pheasant taken for $15 

If you have a group of 3 or more hunters, there is a group price break and each hunter hunts for $118 per man with a 4 bird release. (See Hunt Packages.)


Guided Hunts

Our farm has dense areas of cover that provide habitat for the birds.  It is very difficult to hunt these areas without a well trained hunting dog.

  • Guides can be scheduled with you and will work their well trained hunting dogs to find and put up the birds for you. It is exciting to watch the dogs doing what they were bred to do. Guides work independently for tips.

**If you schedule a hunt package and have someone drop out, it is your responsibility to inform the staff and guide of the decrease in party size (and decrease in birds released) prior to the hunt or you will be responsible for the total scheduled birds released. Please communicate any changes. It is not a problem to make changes, they just must be made before you hunt.


Father/Son or Father/Daughter Hunt $177

Created for one adult and one youth. (Youth <18)

Includes 6 pheasant released.

Each additional youth add $54 and 2 additional pheasant.

Youth must hunt with one paying adult.


Guides are available for instruction and to work their dogs over your birds. They are independent and work for tips.