Hunt Packages

In addition to pheasant hunting, we also have Chukar partridge and Bobwhite quail.  We have combined these into several Mixed-Bag Hunts.  These can be added to if you require more birds per package.


Prices listed below are total per group- not per hunter.


**If you schedule a hunt package and have someone drop out, it is your responsibility to inform the staff and guide of the decrease in party size (and decrease in birds released) prior to the hunt or you will be responsible for the total scheduled birds released. Please communicate any changes. It is not a problem to make changes, they just must be made before the birds are released and you hunt.


Father-Son Hunt (or Father-Daughter) $177 total

One adult and child

  • Total of 6 pheasant released.
  • For each additional youth add $54 and 2 more pheasant.
  • Hunt must include on paying adult.


1/2 Day Pheasant Hunt $354 total 

This package is for 1-3 hunters.

  • 12 pheasant released
  • Private field
  • No bag limit, Residuals $15ea

Four Man Pheasant Hunt $472 total

This package is for up to 4 hunters.

  • 16 pheasant released
  • Private field
  • Half day hunt
  • No bag limit, Residuals $15ea

Super Wing Action Hunt $1000

Up to 8 hunters in two adjacent fields. 50% non-refundable deposit required at time of reservation.

  • 37 Pheasant
  • Two fields
  • More bang for your buck. No hunt fees. All birds.
  • 1/2 day hunt only
  • 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of reservation



Mixed Bag Hunts 


Upland Hunt Package $500 total

This package is for 1-4 hunters and includes:

  • 10 Pheasant
  • 12 Quail
  •   6 Chukar


The Buddy Hunt $305 total

This package is for 2 hunters and includes:

  • 5   Pheasant
  • 10 Quail
  •  3  Chukar


The Ultimate Solo Hunt $182 total

This package is for 1 hunter and includes:

  • 2 Pheasant
  • 8 Quail
  • 2 Chukar


Residual birds (birds bagged over your package limit):

Pheasant  $15

Chukar      $12

Quail           $6



Additional birds may be added to your package and released.



We are more than happy to schedule your group with a Guide and Hunting Dog if you do not have a dog of your own. (Guides work indepedently for tips.)


To schedule a hunt, please call us at 937-584-4269, email us or use our contact form.

A Great Father-Son Hunt!!