European Hunts

2018 European Hunt

Open European Hunt 02/02/2019. 

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The European Hunt at Cherrybend is a modified driven hunt, modeled after the traditional hunts from Europe. In Europe, pheasant were driven over a hill or cliff toward hunters stationed at "pegs". This is a sport that King's participated in.


Our version of the European hunt is centered around the Hickory Grove, a small copse of trees in the center of the farm. There are 12 stations around the Grove. We release the pheasant out of the top of the trees and shots are taken as they fly high and fast overhead of the hunters. After all of the birds are released, the hunters then freely move about the field to hunt-up the ones that got away!



See the Calendar of Events to see the scheduled European Shoots!


Included in the price of the European Hunt:

  • A delicious, hearty Lunch
  • 10 pheasant released per hunter
  • The afternoon walk-up hunt-no limit
  • All bird cleaning
  • The post-hunt comraderie around a campfire!


12:00  Lunch

  1:00  The Pheasant Release

2-5:00 The Walk-up Hunt over the afternoon with NO bag limit.

  5:30  Talking about the "ones that got away" around the campfire!


Non-Members $245

Members         $225