Cherrybend Pheasant Farm- Southwest Ohio's Pheasant Hunting Destination

Welcome to Cherrybend Pheasant Farm! Our farm has been in operation as a pheasant hunting preserve for 60 years. We have 640 acres in the preserve that provides plenty of space for even our busiest day. We offer pheasant hunting as well as chukar and quail.

Cherrybend is family owned and operated by Matt & Beth Ellis and Scott & Melissa Ellis--a long time Clinton County farm family. The Ellis family has a long history farming on Cherrybend Road, since the mid-1800's, and is dedicated to keeping the farm an Ohio pheasant hunting destination. Our farm is fully operational and includes corn, soybeans, wheat, and the cover crops of sorghum and sunflowers.

We really enjoy having folks come out and hunt our farm.  We have met people from all over the world, and some of them have even become good friends!  So, come out to our slice of America and see what farm and country life are all about!


For those traveling to Clinton County taking State Route 73 from I-71

There is a new bypass that goes around Wilmington that will take 10 mins. off your travel time. As you approach Wilmington (heading east) on 73 you will be automatically routed onto the 4 lane divided highway bypass (you don't get a choice). After about 7 miles you will need to exit off onto the "Washington Court House/ Wilmington" exit for St.Rte. 22.  Turn left off of the exit onto 22 and you travel about 4 miles and Cherrybend Rd. will be on your Right.


Also, please remember that many restaraunts and shops are located within Wilmington! Stop in!

And they drove all the way from Illinois to hunt here!

News and Updates

February 03, 2016--  The weather has been great for the entire season so far! We expect to have plenty of birds to finish out the season on March 31. We have two Open European hunts in February. Click the link on the sidebar for more information!


We are also planning a special event in March for our will be announced within the next two weeks once all details are finalized!


November 23, 2015-- We still have some hunting availability this weekend--Saturday and Sunday! Don't miss hunting on the best weekend of the season. We release a tremendous amount of pheasant and that all adds to the success of your hunt. Call today to grab the last spots!


October 21, 2015--  Hunt conditions have improved significantly with the heavy frost we got last weekend. The sorghum and underbrush are dying back which allow better scenting and mobility in the field. 


Now is the time to book your Thanksgiving week hunt. For Thanksgiving Day 11/26- Sunday 11/22 there is a 12 bird minimum per field. This is the most popular hunt days of the year and will fill quickly. Call today to reserve and place your deposit.


October 15, 2015--  We had an amazing week with Operation Cherrybend! Singers and songwriters came together with veterans and supporters for a week of great music, adventure, and brotherhood. Thank you to all sponsors and volunteers that helped pull this event together.


So....Let the hunt season begin!!


September 25,2015---  Operation Cherrybend is just 2 weeks away! We are excited to be partnering with the Flight Deck Veterans Group to host hunting and activities for these amazing men and women.


Oct.9 John Michael Montgomery concert sponsored by R&L Carriers.  Tickets available at 


Oct.10 Operation Cherrybend Outreach--a community event open to the public to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of our military and civilian heroes!

12pm  Motorcycle ride-in!  Anyone welcome!

1pm Opening ceremonies

1:30pm  Fly over (weather permiting)

1:30pm  Airplane rides

1:30pm  Gnat shooting demonstration (RC/drone shooting targets)


5:30p Hog Roast and carry-in...bring some sides or a dessert!

7:30p Movie on the hangar or possibly some music


August 20,2015---  This is BIG!  JOHN MICHAEL MONTGOMERY saw our video and committed to come to the Murphy Theatre in Wilmington, Ohio for a veterans benefit concert on October 9th!! The Flight Deck Veterans Group is hosting this wonderful event in conjuction with Operation Cherrybend.  Tickets go on sale Aug.21st, so do NOT miss out on the amazing performance in a small venue! Visit for information on this wonderful organiztion and Operation Cherrybend.




July 28,2015--  Summer is here!! We have lots to report!

  • Membership Renewals were mailed last week. The Early Bird deadline is 8/31 so make sure you return your dues to get the bonus birds.
  • Anyone wanting to be a new Member this year may call or email for an invitation and Member packet.
  • Member Appreciation Party is 8/29. Call or email for more info.
  • Rick Smith Training Seminar is Sept.26-30. Foundation and Intermediate offered


Fall Hunting:

Without a doubt we have had a late planting and growing season on the Farm due to the wet weather. It is likely that harvest will be late as well. September guided hunts will be scheduled according to field conditions. We suspect that the corn will not be harvested until late September. We will advise on conditions, but if you insist on hunt dates with difficult field conditions it is at your own risk. At this time we are advising early fall hunts to begin at the beginning of October and also to watch this webpage for updates.


Main House Renovation:

We have been busy completely renovating all bedrooms and living areas in the house. We are pleased to offer such nice accommodations to our guests. All new flooring has gone in throughout the house as well.


Operation Cherrybend has been scheduled for Oct.7-10. This is a Wounded Veterans hunt organized by the Flight Deck Veterans Group with Nashville songwriters and performers participating. Please call or email to donate for the amazing event.


May 17,2015---  We have been so busy! We had a three week stretch of great weather and got all the crops planted. What a relief!  Now we are getting ready for our first batch of chicks this week. Spring is certainly busy here on the farm.


We have set "Open Shoot" hours for the 5-stand course on Saturdays and Sundays. For now we will have the open shoot times (no appt. required) as follows:


Saturdays--  9am-3pm

Sundays  --  10am-2pm

Memorial Day--9am-2pm


Sporting Clays must have an appointment.  We are available 7 days a week by appointment for the 5-stand and the Clays course.


March 11,2015--  Aaaaahhhh, warm weather! What a treat! Of course the rain has moved in, however that hasnt stopped the hunters from getting in the fields! I think everyone just NEEDS to get out of the house! We will be hunting until March 31st when the Season closes. Call or book your hunt as we anticipate a strong finish at the end of March.


The 5-Stand Course will be a great activity this Spring. We are looking forward to scheduling set "Open" shoot hours 2 days a week and also on the weekends. Of course appointments can be made outside of those hours.


In April we will be organizing a Sunday afternoon League. A League just means that you sign up for a weekly shoot and buy a discounted punch card for those times. Watch the website or call to get more info and get on the List for the Sunday League.


Come out for some final Spring hunting before the Season ends!!


February 10, 2015--  Time flies when you are having fun!  We have done some SERIOUS bird hunting this Season! The weather has cooperated and it has been an exeptional year. I can't say enough about what great customers have come to our Farm.


The Season end is rapidly approaching. We will be hunting until March 31st. Last year I was booked out for the end of the year by March 10th, so if you are interested in a late season hunt make your reservation NOW!


We have one more European Hunt scheduled for this Saturday 02/14 and are watching the weather closely for it. There are openings at this time.


Thank you for coming out and enjoying time on our Farm!



January 01,2015  Happy New Year!!


October 25, 2014--Field conditions have rapidly improved with the frost we have had. The fencerows and sorghum is starting to brown up and will be a great cover stand against the winter wind and snow that we are bound to get.  The fields have all been harvested.


Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and is a popular time to hunt! We do not overbook the farm--make sure that you get your reservation in to get on the books. 


European Hunts:

European hunts have been schedued for:

November 15th at 12:30pm  

November 21st at 12:30pm

December 13th at 12:30pm


European Hunts are all-inclusive and include lunch, 10 pheasant released per hunter, tower release shoot, no bag limit walk-up hunt, bird cleaning (breasted) and stories and tall tales around the campfire afterwards.Guides are available to be scheduled for the walk-up hunt. Call to schedule!



September 15, 2014-- A lot has been going on here at the Farm! We are preparing to harvest the corn. We will be checking the moisture in the corn and hope to start harvesting next week. The sorghum is still very green--we are strongly suggesting that those interested in hunting WAIT until the field conditions improve. This will happen with the upcoming corn harvest and a few good frosts to burn back the green cover. At this time field conditions would be considered VERY DIFFICULT. We are anticipating conditions to be better by beginning of October. Only Mother Nature has control of that!


Also, due to us waiting for conditions to improve we request that anyone stopping by to give us a call before coming. We tend to be out in the fields and barns this time of year and don't want to miss your visit.


*New 5-Stand Course-- We have just installed a new 5-stand with new MEC traps up near the house. For those interested in trying it out, please call to schedule. We will have set weekend hours eventually with no appointment required, however with upcoming harvest we are not implementing that yet.

$12 for a 25 shot round

$22 for a 50 shot round




August 16, 2014-- Our Farm has been busy this summer! We have been working hard raising pheasant and quail. The weather has been cool but it looks like a change is coming this week and will heat up.


We offer an Early Bird Membership which gives more bird credit if paid by Aug.31st. If you are interested in being a member, please contact us to get the info to meet the deadline.


We will be watching the crops and cover closely. Every year conditions are different for the harvest and for the burnoff of the green cover. We will post field conditions here to help folks determine when to schedule their hunts. Hot and green conditions are not much fun. We will be honest and tell you if conditions would amount to a rough and unsuccessful hunt in the early season. Right now its looking like early October---but the upcoming heat may speed things up a bit.


Rick Smith will be having his Foundation and Intermediate Seminar here Sept27-Oct.1.  If you would like your  hunting dog to perform better, are new to dog training, or just want to learn more about how dogs think--consider attending his course.


We have some exciting news and an addition to our Farm that we will be revealing in September!! Stay tuned to see what we have added to the Farm!




June 16, 2014--  We have all of our crops planted and field maintenence has began! We also have 2,700 pheasant chicks and 1000 quail chicks in the brooder house for our first batch. They are doing great! We get busy with farm chores this time of year--barn cleaning and disinfecting, weed managementm, cover management, animal health, equipment repairs, barn repairs, and sporting clays.


Keep your shotgun skills accurate by routinely shooting clays at our course. Weekdays available after 5pm and weekends by appointment.


Have a great summer! If you are planning on joining as a Member, email us your information so we can send out an invitation to our Annual Member Appreciation BBQ September 13th. For renewing and joining members complimentary clays and also dinner and band with dancing. A great evening!





What We Do

We recognize that not everyone has the ability to step out their back door into 640 acres of populated pheasant hunting land.  This is what inspires us to open our lives and our farm up to people that enjoy the outdoors and upland game hunting. 


Our mission is making sure that everyone has a safe and succesful hunt.  But, remember...this IS hunting. Some days are good and you make "the great shot", and some days are bad and you can't hit the broad side of a barn. We get the birds in the fields for you, but we can't make the shot.  Again, that's why it's called "Hunting".  So, you shoulder up your shotgun, whistle for your dog, and go out and have a great may get more than you expected, or you may tell us about the one that got away. Either way, no day of hunting is ever "wasted time".  It's a great day!