Become a ClaysvMember of Cherrybend!



Clays Membership   $100 ($93.68+tax)


Each Member gets a discount per 100 target round of clays.

Member, their spouse and dependent children <18.

Each Member will receive one Target Card for pre-paid targets. (No target refund for lost cards.)

Members only can buy a pre-paid Target Card.

Pre-paid targets are sold at a discount (Which accounts for additional targets for breakage and shows.)

Each member and guest invited to the Member Shoot and Dinner Party September 8th.

This is a seasonal clays pass. The Sporting Clays course is open until hunting begins in mid October. At which time the wobble or 5-stand is available. Discounts apply year round. 


Member’s ONLY are may use their Target Cards on the off-hours at the course. (Each member interested needs to have an in-service card on file for after-hours permission.)


Member Pre-paid Card Rates:




550 Targets



1100 Targets



1650 Targets



All pricing subject to change due to increase on target pricing.




$45 ($42.15+tax)for One Round 100 targets

104 targets per shooter are loaded on card plus shows for the group.



$30 ($28.10+tax) for One Round 100 targets

Each member receives their own target card. Individually purchased rounds will be added each time you pay before shooting. Show birds and 4% breakage birds added. (Show birds are divided among group size.)