Rules and Regulations

We are pleased that people want to come to our Farm for a day of hunting and recreation. In order to provide a safe and fun environment we DO have rules that must be followed. Pleased review the items below.



Party/Hunt Size

For safety, we recommend splitting large parties into smaller groups of 4-6 people. We also will base group size on hunting experience. We will have you hunt in adjoining fields.

Do I need a hunting license?

No. The State of Ohio granted exemption for guests on a licensed preserve. You do not have to have one however we do encourage folks to get one to support our Ohio Division of Wildlife and their efforts!

Hunting Gear

An item of blaze orange clothing is mandatory. (A hat or vest is fine.) We have orange hats on-site for purchase if necessary.

Protective eyewear is mandatory. Hearing protection is optional.

Weather conditions are changeable, please dress appropriately. Sturdy boots are mandatory. Our terrain is realtively flat but the cover and brush can be thick.


We recommend using 2-3/4 high velocity shells with a maximum shot size of #6. Excessively powered shells or shot size larger than #6 are not necessary and prohibited. Please respect our rules to keep other hunters safe on the farm.

Alcoholic Beverages

No one may consume alcohol before or during a hunting or shooting event. This is prohibited. After your hunting and shooting event is over, you may do so within reason in the Hunter's Room. You may bring a cooler--we do not sell alcohol.

 Again, let's all be safe and have a good time.

Non-Member Hunts

Walk-along hunters are defined as a person who is NOT a hunter or incapable of hunting that would like to walk along and enjoy the hunt. Due to abuse of our hospitality, we charge $50 for an adult walk-along. An example of this would be if you took a friend to ride rides at Kings Island but didnt ride yourself. You still have to pay to get in. Our guides have to manage the safety of all participants in the fields. Please respect our desire to keep everyone safe.

How our hunts are done...


When hunting, the guides will do everything they can to get all of your birds in the bag. Sometimes this means hunting up extra birds if you miss your shots. You very well may see many more birds than what is in your package.


If you reach your bag limit, you certainly may continue hunting for residual birds and pay the residual price of $15ea for pheasant. There is no limit on how many birds may be taken.

We hunt by paid-release which means that your bird package is released after you check-in. However, this is in addition to the residual birds that are already in the fields!

Cancellation and Deposits

We work at providing a top notch hunt experience for our customers. We do understand that things come up after scheduling with us, however if we have booked you for a guided hunt and field it can have an impact. Some of our guides travel in from out of state and when a group is a "no show" or "short cancel", this guide is out. Generally, we are very trusting but due to repeated situations where folks don't show, we now take deposits to secure the hunt. This non-refundable deposit will go towards the hunt on the scheduled day. The deposit will ONLY be refunded if the slot is able to be filled in the schedule. You may also have someone substitute in for your hunt.


We appreciate your support in this policy as we do put alot of time into scheduling your hunt and coordinating the guides.