Professional Guides/Outfitters


It is difficult for many to realize how many hours are spent training the hunting dog. Yes, they have instinct. But, they must be trained on what to do beyond scenting the bird! This takes an enormous amount of time.

Many love to hunt upland game, yet do not have the hunting dog to successfully do so. When you are paying for a hunt, it is especially important to have a hunting dog find those birds and retrieve them back to you after the shot.  We help out with this by providing access to professional guides that use their own well trained hunting dogs to help you bag your limit. We only choose guides who have demonstrated professional skills and who have dogs that meet our criteria. We firmly believe in providing quaility.

The guides are not on our payroll and they work independently for tips.  Many people ask us what to tip. As with any service industry, you may figure it by percent--  20%.  Or as I see most people do, they figure $20-$25 per hunter taken out in the group.  After you see how hard the dog and guide work for you, you will understand why people tip like that. But again, this is independent of us and is really up to you!  They appreciate whatever you can give them.

Cherrybend Guides Participate in Rick Smith Guiding Seminar

Outfitter Safety Seminar

Our guides take this business seriously. We set aside time for all of our guides to have one on one time with Rick Smith to sharpen up on Professional Guiding. We spent the weekend in round table discussions and in the field on hunts honing our skills to better serve our customers. The focus of the inservice was SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY!  Rick Smith is a recongnized professional dog trainer who travels worldwide giving seminars on the Silent Command System of dog training. Rick has been in every guiding situation possible and shared his expertise with our guides. Thank you, Rick!

Mick Runk

Mick has worked at Cherrybend since the late 1990's. Along with his English Setter, Bandit, he has guided many, many hunts here.  He is responsible for the kennel as well as helping in the off season with grounds maintenance, sporting clays, and bird raising. We appreciate all of Mick's help!

Jamie Knowles

Jamie has practically grown up on Cherrybend. He came here as a child with his father and helped collect eggs, raise birds, and learned how to guide.  Thirty+ years later he has several dogs that he guides with as well as competes in trials.  He has been seen on ESPN, Outdoor Channel, and Fox Sports. We appreciate his help in guiding our customers!

Joe Rice

Joe hails from Kentucky and loves bringing his German Shorthair Pointer and English Setter up to guide at our Farm. Joe's great dog-work and warm personality make each hunt a pleasant success for our customers. He also does guided fishing trips in the summer months.

Molly Boland

Molly is a professional dog trainer and Upland Guide. She also works guiding big game hunts out West and in Alaska as well as waterfowl guiding in Arkansas. She offers professional and finish work for dog training with a proven and successful training regimen. She is available for Upland hunting at Cherrybend 7 days a week during the hunt season and for training year round. She is famous for her Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Labradors.

Brett Lewis

Brett joined our team in 2014 and brings extensive dog training and guiding experience. Brett has trained pointing dogs with some of the top dog trainers in the country and has worked as an upland guide in Iowa, Alaska, and Ohio. Brett is also a global manager for a large local corporation and really enjoys meeting new people and serving the public. 

Barry (BJ) Bowman

BJ is from Southern Ohio and enjoys guiding at Cherrybend. He has outstading GSP's with fantastic noses and amazing style! He has completed the Rick Smith training seminars. Customers enjoy working the fields with his relaxed, easy going, fun-loving personality. 

Jamie Streuwing

Jamie is a professional guide with Springer Spaniels and a Pointing Dog.  He works in excavation and is also a Pilot and Flight Instructor. He has many years experience with training and competing with his dogs. His warm personality and sharp hunting skills bring happiness to those experiencing a hunt guided by him.

Misti Cook

Misti has been guiding at Cherrybend  since 2009 and has several dogs in training at any given moment. She enjoys guiding for us with her English Pointers and GSP's. Misti has completed training with Rick Smith in the Foundation and Intermediate AND advanced dog training courses. Misti is also a trained guide for big game hunting out West. She makes her home in Idaho but travels here frequently for extended periods of time to visit her family and guide for us. Folks love her style and are impressed by the success she has with her dogs finding and bagging their birds.